Vinyl Plank

Vinyl plank is neither a laminate nor a lino product. It is a plank system that is in strips like a laminate, but without the risk of water damage. This waterproof product comes in a click or side by side system.  

Not sure which planking system is right for you? Come see Josh or Ken. They are able to give you a complete floorucation about vinyl planking.

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4 Corners

Looking for a side by side plank, this product provides that in a 2 mm and 5 mm thickness.

Beaulieu Plank.jpg


This Canadian based company offers both 2 mm and 5 mm planks in a variety of colours and styles. 


For more options view the Beaulieu website 

Buckwolds Plank.jpg


Buckwold has 3mm and 5 mm residential products under the name of Creative Options. They have a natural and stylish look in their product.

For more options visit Buckwold's website

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Goodfellow Plank.jpg
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Centura offers a variety of plank products. They have 2 mm, 5 mm, and click in residential and 2 mm in commercial.

For more options visit the Centura website

EZ Lay

EZ Lay has a variety of 'EZ' names (EZ Lay, EZ Fit, EZ Grip, EZ Tile. They specialize in residential 5 mm, loose lay products. 

For more options visit EZ Lay's website


The selection of Goodfellow is unbelievable. There are 2 mm, 5 mm, and click system planks in a variety of colours and styles. They must be viewed to be appreciated.

For more options visit the Goodfellow website


Primco delivers a thinner product in both click and 2mm planks. The thinness of the product does not take away from the quality. These planks will not disappoint.

For more options visit the Primco website


Taiga plank is known as Aura. Their 5 mm plank comes in a 7" or 9" width. They have a unique line that integrates a bit of bling to your floors by infusing silver or gold colours in a couple styles of plank.

For more options visit Taiga's website

twelve oaks plank.jpg

Twelve Oaks

Twelve Oaks'  plank system has a realistic look and feel to their 2 mm, 5 mm, and click products.  They also have a program on their website that you may use a picture of your room and select a flooring to view how it could look in your space.

For more options visit the Twelve Oaks website