Laminate, the alternative to hardwood. It is less expensive and often uses recycled material. A great choice for the environment and your home. Not too long ago, there were few choices when it came to laminate. Today, we have hundreds of styles to choose from.  

Though laminate looks to be the same, they are not all equal. Each brand has its one uniqueness and warranty to go with it. We carry a few brands here, at Shea Floors.  

Some of the brands we carry are: Buckwolds, Goodfellow, Mannington, and Armstrong.


The use of laminate is only limited by your imagination. Create a feature wall, as seen in this picture.



Armstrong is a Buckwold product and has a very large selection for every look you want. High class dining hall, to the weathered beach house look.  

For more options visit Armstrong's website


Goodfellow has been growing in popularity in our showroom. Its selection and quality speak for itself.

For more options visit Goodfellow's Website


This company has a 'spillshield' technology by creating a static seal barrier to reduce moisture saturation between the boards when liquid is spilled on your floor. Come check out the selection.

For more options visit Mannington's website


This laminate is elegant and ready to be shown off in your home. We have limited samples of Shaw's note-worthy plank for your viewing pleasure.

For more options visit Shaw's Residential or Commercial Websites


Taiga is a supplier of laminate flooring. We have a few of their samples in the showroom. They have a beautiful line that is worth a good look.

For more options visit the Taiga website

Twelve Oaks

Twelve Oaks has a beautiful line of laminate. They have a great system on their website and a code on their samples to allow you to upload a picture and view the product in your space.

For more viewing options visit Twelve Oaks' website

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