When redesigning a kitchen or bathroom, the hardest decisions are the floor and countertop design. We try to keep it simple by having both available at the same time.  

We deal in laminate and quartz tops with varying shapes. The companies of Belanger, Cambria, Floform and HanStone work with us to create the perfect space for you.

Belanger top.jpg


Belanger has a wide selection of high quality laminate countertops. Even the edge detail has many options.

For more options visit the Belanger website


Cambria is a high end solid quartz and natural stone products. The selection and quality show, even in their samples.

For more options visit Cambria's website

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Floform has a huge selection of laminate countertop samples in our store. They deal with laminate and quartz countertops.

For more options visit the Floform website


Solid manufacture quartz countertop product. It pride themselves in their  quality, stain resistance and beauty and shouldn't be under-estimated.

For more options visit the HanStone website

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