Shea Floors supplies and installs residential and commercial carpet.

We have limited stock and remnant available. However, there are hundreds of samples to experience and borrow to try out in your space.   


Confused? Josh and Ken will help you understand the similarities and differences of each brand and carpet, and assist in the crucial decision of what would work best in your space and budget.

Companies we deal with are Beaulieu, Shaw, Mohawk, Centura, Dreamweaver, and more!




The Canadiana carpet line has a variety of colours and styles to choose from.

Centura also have a commercial line in carpet tiles and broadloom rolls.

For more options visit Centura's Website



Beaulieu is one of the few companies that manufactures some of their carpet lines in Canada. They have a some progression products to have the look that fits your budget.

Beaulieu also has a commercial line that is worth checking out to make your business looking fantastic!

For more options visit Beaulieu Canada





Dreamweaver is an American based company that has a range of budget friendly carpets. The picture only shows a small amount of the styles that Dream Weaver Offers.

For more options visit Dreamweaver's Website

Estates carpet.jpg


Estates is a line from the company, Primco. They have both residential and commercial carpet available.

For more options visit Primco's Website

Primco Commercial.jpg
Mohawk residential.jpg


The largest selection of both residential and commercial samples in our showroom. Mohawk boasts great variety in patterns, colours, styles, and selection.

Commercial is available in both rolls and tile formats.

For more options visit Mohawk's Website

Mhawk Commercial.jpg
Shamrock indoor.jpg


This product's residential line is new to our showroom. They offer great variety and budget friendly prices. They also supply our indoor/outdoor carpet.

For more options visit Shamrock Flooring

Shamrock outdoor.jpg


Shaw is available in both residential and commercial.

Their residential line has a range of selection to fit a variety of budgets.

The commercial carpet is available in tile or roll formats.  Plain to fancy and fun.

For more options visit Shaw's Residential or Commercial Websites

Shaw Commercial.jpg